Break Traditions

March 21, 2017

Check out my new light from Echo Neon Studio over on Etsy! I saw these lights all over the Magic Convention a few weeks ago and was immediately dying to have one. Normally I probably wouldn’t have bought one, but since I am in the process of completing a work space for me I knew I had to spend majority of my small budge on this! Let’s just say I’m dying to hang it on my wall.

I’ve used the phrase “Break Traditions” many times when I’m autographing books. It applies to THE 52ND and has actually stuck with me throughout the years, and eventually became my own personal mantra. When I’m having a hard day because I feel like I’m working like a dog and not seeing the rewards I remind myself this. With this phrase, magically, I can reign in my frustration and refocus the center of my attention to something positive and most importantly–PATIENCE!

I just wrote an insert for my delaauthor.com website. It’s an author’s note when people click on THE 52ND. I sorta like it because I was able to sneak this phrase in.

“I’m calling THE 52ND my ‘never’ book. This is a story where an ordinary girl never more ready for college is chosen to be a human sacrifice for an ancient never been broken tradition. Two never more different characters are thrown into a whirlwind when they realize they must find a way to work together.

A lot of my reviewers have also said never have I read anything with Aztecs and Mayans in it.

Also, never have I ever written a story before this. THE 52ND was a 4-year process and in the end all I can say was that it was worth it because breaking traditions never felt more right.”

Nighty night everyone.

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