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Midwestern States Road Trip

August 21, 2017

Friends and foe, I am so thrilled to be able to finally put on paper, er, computer, what I have been doing the last three weeks of my summer.

Last year my sister attended a small little workshop with some ladies in her church where they shared their tips on how to successfully see all 50 states with their kids on a budget. Of course she came home pumped and well, we made it a reality. Last year we started with a big Southern States loop. All details from that trip will be shared shortly.

“How’d you do it?” is the number one question I get asked. I’ve even passed out our itinerary to a few people and continue to get numerous questions on the daily about what we’re doing, where’d we go, where’d we stay.

Alright, so I’m going to break down my last three weeks for you as best I can. Below I am providing our 2017 itinerary and links to all accommodations that we stayed at–as well as what I’d change about our journey.

Just remember: You’re always going to spend more money than planned, you might not always want to stick to the menu, and be ready to travel when you don’t feel good. Other than that, everything is pretty much cake.

One other MAJOR difference that I am going to share is that we travel in an RV that has a bath and a half and kitchen facilities. My sister and I both knew last year that once our mom, who owns a 40 ft RV, got word of our adventure plans she was going to want in. She heard. She did. So off we went last year in her mothership RV all the way from Las Vegas to places I’d never been like New Orleans and Memphis. It was incredible.

But we’re talking MIDWESTERN, baby. Lots of country to see, and PLENTY of corn crops as well.

The first thing you do is plan your itinerary at least 4-5 months in advance. That way all accommodations can be booked, as well as reservations for those lunch cruises and sorts of things that you want to do. I believe hotels like Holiday Inn and Howard Johnson do reward programs, something like every fifth night you stay you get one free. So I would definitely check into that if that’s the route you’re taking. Also, late check ins. You want to make sure that wherever you’re staying you have the capability of checking in late. I’m talking reeaaaalllly late. One night we got in at 2 a.m.!

Lastly, I’m also going to note that my family is LDS. Since there is a lot of history for the Mormons in the Midwestern States we chose to visit many of those historical sites. Many of them are about the pioneers settling west and are actually worth a visit, and considering my position on the church lately (aka I’m out), says a lot. I will note the ones that are literally in the middle of nowhere so if you have no ties to the LDS community than you probably want to skip those. But of course, fill your itinerary according to your needs.


Friday – July 14th – Leave Vegas | Arrive Salt Lake, UT | 7hr

  • The tracks were walking distance from our RV park so we took that into downtown Salt Lake and had dinner and did some shopping at the City Creek mall.

Saturday – July 15th – This is the Place Heritage park | Arrive Laramie, Wyoming | 6hr

  • It is known that when the pioneers got to the Salt Lake valley the mormon prophet at the time, Brigham Young, overlooked the valley and said, “This is the place.” The park had a gift shop, replicas of historic homes, a splash pad area, small candy shop, train ride, crafts, gold mining, etc. Overall the kids enjoyed it. Not the most entertaining thing, but okay.

Sunday – July 16th – Prison Penitentiary | Arrive Alcova | 3hr

  • The Wyoming Territorial Prison was rad! The first United States woman chaplain was here, and it was cool to see the old jail cells of some of the gnarliest outlaws. Butch Cassidy was an inmate here! We spend a good two hours here.
  • The most beautiful camp site. There wasn’t really an address for this place. They just said it was right across the street from the Alcova Resort. We arrived right before it got dark and drank in the rainbow and sprinkles and cool weather. On the beach, tucked on the sand inside a cove, was a play area and swings for the kids. Pretty doesn’t describe that night.

Monday – July 17th – Martin’s Cove | Arrive Keystone, South Dakota | 5.5hr

  • Before heading to Keystone we stopped at a Mormon Historic Site called Martin’s Cove. Basically, a bunch of pioneers ran out of supplies and were freezing to death and got stuck here. Pres. Young had to send reinforcements. Cool fact: a little boy named James Brigham Wright who was 11 years old (my son’s age!) and traveled across the plains in the Martin Handcart Company was my great great great grandfather. He survived, obvs. But knowing the conditions of not just the Mormons but the other religious pioneers and what they had to endure to walk across the plains breaks my heart. Talking about digging graves with spoons for your children, watching them starve to death, etc. I really can’t complain with my life, like, AT ALL. #perspective
  • This night we arrived to Mt. Rushmore. Before parking in our camping site we stopped at the Rapid City airport to pick up a rental car. Once we were all fed, and dusk had passed, we headed out to go see Mt. Rushmore lit up at night. We arrived around 10pm, just after the lighting ceremony which had started at 9, and all of that crowd was leaving. So when we entered we were some of the only people there! It was private and quiet and just amazing.
  • You do have to pay for parking at Rushmore, but that’s it. No entrance fee. However their gift shop is legit so save some dough for that!

Tuesday – July18th – Mt. Rushmore Nat Monument, Rushmore Tramway Adventures

  • Today was a long day. We returned to Mt. Rushmore after breakfast and did the Presidential Trail, gift shop purchases, and then had lunch. It took us about two to three hours to do all that because we were slow goers. We spent way too much time in the gift shop, so by the time it was time to go to the next stop we were hungry. We ate at the cafe there which was just an average cafe. They did have gigantic ice cream cones with George Washington’s vanilla ice cream recipe, so that was cool.
  • We left, and then went straight to DQ (Dairy Queen) because that’s how we roll. Just kidding, my sister was the only one who had ice cream at Rushmore so we decided we needed to get some ourselves. Keystone is small, and besides Subway and the one restaurant we ate at that night, I didn’t see much to eat there. Keep that in mind.
  • Next was Tramway Adventures because that’s what we originally had planned. But when we drove through Keystone we kept seeing huge billboards for Rush Mountain Adventure Park. Tramway was expensive, like $80 to do the alpine slides 10 times. So we each went down one time (our kids were too small to do the ziplines, which looked pretty fun).
  • Then we decided to check out Rush Mountain. There is a fork in the road in Keystone, follow the signs. It will take you through the small local town and seems like you are going the wrong way. Trust me you’re not. Follow the signs and it will take you there. It will be on your left hand side.
  • This place closed at 8pm. We got there at 5, and WE WISH WE HAD AT LEAST 2 MORE HOURS. We absolutely loved LOVED this place. There was an hour tour in an underground cave but we didn’t have time for that. The coaster was probably everyone’s favorite. The plus of being there till closing was that once again we were some of the only people left in the park. We rode the coaster a good 3-4 times in a row with no line.
  • Oh the coaster. My 7 year old was nervous to go on it, but I convinced her to go and once she did, it became her favorite ride! I sat in the back and got to control the brakes. It’s safe to say I used those babies often. It was sort of freaky up there. It felt like we would just slide off the coaster and sail off into the sunset and topple down the mountain. We didn’t. Phew!
  • Note: Most everything closed at 9pm.

Wednesday – July 19th – Leave Keystone | Arrive Bismarck, ND, Largest Buffalo| 6.5hr

  • On our drive to Bismarck we stopped and saw the World’s Largest Buffalo. No really, it was…if you consider metal to count. The museum here was actually pretty cool. They had a short video presentation on the history of the buffalo with the Indians and settlers. There used to be over 4 million buffalo until they all got murdered and their numbers dropped to a staggering 500.
  • While there, venture over to Jamestown and take a quick stage coach ride. It cost money but not much. The kids loved it.

Thursday – July 20th – Temple | Fargo stop for lunch | Arrive Minneapolis, MN | 7hr

  • Yes, we stopped at Fargo for lunch. With nothing particular in mind we found a texmex place called Barbacoa. It was okay. The combinations sounded good but we weren’t impressed with it.
  • I am going to tell you now that the water at this RV park was freaking DISGUSTING! Metal, metal, metal. It all smelled and tasted like metal soooo bad, to the point where I was gagging brushing my teeth. We all ended up using our water bottles to do that. And no one showered here because the smell clung to your skin and made you gag too! We wonder if they are getting their water from a well. Anyhow, it was literally disgusting.
  • I’m also going to say that our resting place was a good 45 minutes from the mall. We rented a car to get there.

Friday – July 21st – Mall of America (Nickelodeon Universe)

  • Self explanatory, AMAZING! The Nordstrom Sale was going on so I got some great pieces. The kids spent the entire day in the Nickelodeon Universe area. There were other things to do but they all cost money as well. Since we paid for them to do Nickelodeon we stayed there. Grandma did take them shopping for a bit, but other than that, they stayed put there and us adults took turns shopping sans kids!
  • I discovered a new tea shop there too! David’s Tea. And my husband just told me that all the Teavana stores are closing so I’m super bummed but finding David’s Tea gives me hope that we won’t lose all tea shops. I’m stoked to try some new tea tonight with my hubby!

Saturday – July 22nd – Al’s Breakfast, Temple | Arrive Wisconsin Dells: Wilderness R. | 4hrs

  • We scratched Al’s Breakfast, quickly took our picture at the Mormon temple, and whisked off to our next anticipated destination.
  • This Yogi Jellystone Park was amazing and WAY TOO CROWDED. Think Diary Of A Whimpy Kid when they’re at the community pool. There was a pool, a craft and food station in the middle, and then a small water park on the other side.
  • It really was a downer though because of how many people were there. But overall, we enjoyed our one night here. You could rent gold carts to ride around in and the place was just loud and bumping at night. And Christmas In July was cute there.

Sunday – July 23rd – Wilderness Water Park ALL DAY

  • Mom stayed at the RV park while we packed an overnight bag and took a taxi (yes, taxi. Because Uber and Lyft was non existent here) over to the Wilderness Lodge hotel. We had to stay a night in order to use their facilities.
  • Okay, let’s just stop and play the trumpets. This place was massive and glorious. I think something like 8 or 9 waterparks all existed inside this one hotel. Our favorite hangout was the Wild West indoor one. They had a Black Hole slide that was just awesome.
  • I will say though, that on the map it looked like it was easy to get from one to the next. But it was a bit of a maze. Be prepared to walk forever!!

Monday – July 24th – Leave W. Dells | Arrive Milwaukee | 2.5hr | 2p.m. Clock Shadow Creamery (park on Virginia St. a block away | Arrive Chicago | Temple | 2hr

  • RV problems. We were worried about taking the RV into Milwaukee to this creamery and when we saw Ehlenbach Cheese Chalet’s billboard we decided that to be our cheese stop and call it good.
  • We were so glad we did. It was big, clean, and had over 230 different types of Wisconsin Cheeses. Dude, Mango Fire is FIRE! Don’t miss this one. I ended up getting the Alpha Morning with Pesto, a green chile one in white cheese that definitely places second, and the Mango Fire.
  • They do ship all across the U.S. too!
  • Tip: Most Walmart’s in Wisconsin carry local cheese. Our taxi driver told us this.
  • We passed through so many small town and tons of crops on the state highway. We stopped at an Antique store in one of them and I got a worn-looking Apple Cider sign.
  • Our accommodations here had bikes we could rent and a pool. So as soon as we pulled into our site the kids were off on an adventure.
  • Like always we went to bed late which wasn’t the best idea for one of the longest days of our trip was to be tomorrow. We were not close to Chicago at all. And I mean, we were about an hour and a half away. No idea why, but that’s how it got planned.

Tuesday – July 25th – Home Alone House, Sky Deck, Bean/Millenium Park, Navy Pier, Wrigley Field, River Cruise, Pizza, Food trucks

  • I was here just the year prior for BookCon/Expo and absolutely fell in love with this windy city. I knew there were food trucks along the street at Millennium Park, so we did Home Alone first because it was on our way, then headed straight to Millennium Park. We saw the bean, ate Chicago hot dogs, walked to the Sky Deck, ate deep dish pizza at Gino’s East (with amazing pastry type crust. Trust me, I’m not a deep dish fan.), and stopped at an adorable candy store at 10 pm because we are those parents. And basically everything had closed at 9. Why?! That was my only complaint.
  • We were dead but of course had to stop at Wrigley Field to snap a picture.
  • We did not do Navy Pier or the architectural cruise.

Wednesday – July 26th – Leave Chicago | Arrive Ann Arbor, MI: Gerald Ford Presidential Library or Monroe | 4.5hr | Arrive Cleveland | 3.5hr

  • Because of our late night we slept in and on our way to Gerald Ford realized they were going to close. Sooo, we skipped that and went straight to Cleveland.

Thursday – July 27th –Nautica Queen Lunch Cruise 12-2 (arrive 11am), A Christmas Story House Tour, Be A Sweetie Candy Company

  • We rented another car. How we usually did it was while my sister and I stayed back and got the kids ready to go my mom would go pick up the rental car. Either they would come pick her up or she would Uber to the place.
  • We did all three things as planned and I would do them all over again. Except for the part where we almost missed the cruise. Yeah, don’t do that. Oops!
  • Cruise was nice to see a bit of the old architecture from a different angle, and with someone telling us about it. Food was SO GOOD.
  • And freaking A Christmas Story house?! OMG I DIED!
  • The ginormous candy store was the best thing ever for the kids. Probably one of their favorite things we did for all 3 weeks. No joke. Yes, I am going home with bags of candy and soda.
  • After the store we went next door to the Wendy’s drive thru because why not and then drove straight to Kirtland (because we had the rental car and wanted to knock it out with the car instead of the big RV).
  • The kids had an epic game of hide and seek on the grass through the trees and across the moss covered stones. It was such a beautiful cool sunset. We headed over to the visitor’s center and had a couple sister missionaries take us on a private tour to a couple of the historic houses.

Friday – July 28th – Leave Cleveland | Arrive Kirtland | 40min | Leave Kirtland | Temple in Columbus | 3hr15m | Arrive Yogi Jelly Stone Knightstown, IN | 3hr

  • Our RV Park here was pretty. There was a nice little lake you could sit by and fish and plenty of recreational activities to play like kickball and capture the flag.
  • And I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much corn in my life. The drive to get to our RV Park, another Yogi Jellystone, was so quaint. We spotted a few fireflies but not much.
  • I mostly liked this RV park because it had a long grassy stretch along the corn that I could do a nice workout. I would run or do lunges back and forth until I was absolutely dying. I mean, this desert chick would never get a background like that. It was so beautiful to me so of course I had to kick my trash in the midst of it.

Saturday – July 29th – Play Jellystone, visit family, Rose Bowl, Knightstown Antique Mall

  • My dad flew in yesterday and rented a big car so we used that to get around since yet again we weren’t exactly in the city.
  • Scratch all of this. We visited the Indianapolis temple first, by far one of my favorite temples.
  • Afterward we stopped at an Antique place my mom found online. Not exactly in our price range, like at all, but next door was a very cute silk floral shop that also had antiques and awesome home decor. Bought myself some sunflowers and a vintage croquet set. I’m happy.
  • Then we headed to the Children’s Museum. I was blown away. It was way cool with a circus themed room and a NASCAR themed room and so much more. And lots of dinosaurs.
  • We ate dinner in Fountain Square outside at a restaurant called Kuma’s Kitchen. Delicious homemade everything, even the buns on the burgers were homemade. Not the cheapest but the portions where so big. You could all share plates and be fine.
  • Lastly, on our way back home, we took a drive down Meridian street. Apparently it was rated one of the prettiest streets in the USA. Probably because of their ancient trees and mansions. It was very nice.

Sunday – July 30th – Temple | Leave Knightstown | Arrive Springfield, IL | 4.5hr

  • Kids played in the morning. We had a short driving day today and took it easy that night. The accommodations here had a pool and super SUPER small mini golf. The kids were just so happy to not being tourist or traveling and just really took advantage of the time swimming and being competitive in golf.

Monday – July 31st – Lincoln Home Site, Lincoln’s Tomb, Presidential Library | Arrive Nauvoo | 3hr15m

  • No rental car for Springfield. There was a place to park the RV across the street from the Museum, the same where the cars go.
  • Hands down one of my favorite museums EVER. A lot of money was put into it with their wax figures and recreations of Abe’s log home, but mostly because of all the high tech features they have. Video footage of the election, a moving battle map of the civil war that shows the casualties, multiple theaters, etc.
  • OMG THE FREAKING GHOSTS IN THE LIBRARY! Please PLEASE if you go to the museum make sure you go the theater near the front entrance. They are playing whats called Ghosts In The Library and it BLEW MY MIND!! Seriously, I just can’t. You learn about artifacts but there are ghosts moving around and it’s FREAKING INSANE!
  • Note: It was freezing inside the entire museum. I asked why and they said because of the wax figures. Also, awesome gift shop!! There were so many books that I wanted it was torture.
  • We skipped the library because of time.
  • Be sure to see Lincoln’s Home and Tomb. The home is walking distance from the museum. The tomb, no.
  • The tomb closes at 5 so keep that in mind. We almost didn’t make it. Well we didn’t, but the employee was still there and was nice enough to let us in.
  • The drive to Nauvoo was one of my favorites. We got suuuuch a late start, again, that we ended up in Carthage, IL just after sunset. The sky was red and pink and breathtaking, and there was no food to be found! We spotted a DQ and a Hardee’s across the street. Burgers it was. Pictures galore because of the fire sunset.
  • While we were waiting for our food my dad was trying to see if he could find where Carthage Jail was (the place where the first Mormon president was murdered). Well, we found out the next day that it was literally next to us and we just didn’t see it!
  • After we fed our bellies we hopped back in the RV to head to Nauvoo. For some reason Siri likes to take us through a ton of small unnecessary roads. This ended up being one of my favorite rides though. Corn fields for days only to be lit by our headlights. Off in the dark distance were fireflies flying around. And that’s all I wanted this whole trip–to see fireflies! Like so bad. I don’t know why I’m obsessed with those little buggers.
  • Anyways, we made it to our destination and found out as well the next day that there was a straight shot to where we were going. That was a good laugh.

Tuesday – August 1st – Temple, Church sites

  • Yes the church has quite a few original homes open for touring.
  • Yes there are things to do with kids. A lot actually. We spent all day doing a horse buggy ride, learning about the bricks, bread, cookies, old pasttime favorites, etc. I would definitely make a plan of things you want to do before showing up. That way you don’t miss anything.
  • Pageant was recommended but we were so tired we almost didn’t go. We did, and it was good.
  • My 11yo was funny though. When we returned home from the pageant he was like, “Why was everyone singing and dancing when things were just so hard?” hahahaha. We shook the RV with laughs. SO. TRUE. The pageant was a little too peppy, a bit dragged out, but nice. Could you miss it? Sure.
  • But, sometimes they have other things to do before. Like a fair. So check the dates when you go.
  • Let me use my platform to say that Nauvoo is so old school they really need to update it. I mean, hello there were no freaking restaurants. A couple places to grab some food but it wasn’t good. Not at all. Basically, know where you’re going to eat before you go so you don’t starve your kids out.
  • There was a store across from the temple called Zion’s Mercantile. It was newish and clean and had a good variety of items from toys to home decor. And the place smelled good. And the employees were kind. Def go there.

Wednesday – August 2nd – Leave Nauvoo | Arrive Omaha, NE | Winter Quarters, Temple | 6hr

  • Winter Quarters is the place where when the Mormon saints were kicked out of Nauvoo they were supposed to travel all the way to Salt Lake but only made it this far because they ran out of supplies.
  • It seemed that Winter Quarters wasn’t in the best part of town. Just down the street there was a beat down strip mall that had a lot of food options if you’re in need of something. Ask the ladies in the visitor’s center and they can tell you where.
  • The visitor’s center was nice. Large glass windows overlooked the temple and cemetery grounds across the street. Yes, cemetery. But more like a dedicated ground for all those lost on the trail.
  • One of the kids favorite RV Parks of the trip was this place. They had a large blow up bubble that they could play on. And a kid sized zip line. And mining. Pretty rad.

Thursday – August 3rd – Leave Omaha | Arrive Denver, CO | 8.5hr

  • Another long drive day. We really didn’t want to make dinner so we stopped at Farro’s Italian Restaurant after we went and took a picture at the Denver Temple. Food was amazing, a bit pricey, but highly recommend it.
  • The RV park here is about 50 minutes outside the city on the east side. If your heart is set on doing things in the city then check for other locations. I actually started calling around looking for places closer but they were all sold out. I was bummed, there were a couple that had great reviews and were in the heart of the metropolis. Oh well, tomorrow ended up being awesome.

Friday – August 4th – Buffalo Bills Museum, Downtown Aquarium | Arrive Richfield, UT | 8.5hr

  • Because our site was so far out we ended up not doing anything inside of Denver. Didn’t want to risk getting stuck in the big ol’ RV in the middle of a city we did not know.
  • Soooo, we didn’t end up doing the Downtown Aquarium.
  • We also skipped the Buffalo Bills Museum. The turn off for it was right off the I-70 but we looked it up and the road seemed too narrow for our RV. So we went shopping instead at the Outlets at Silverthorne. Score! I bought a good amount of amazingness and record breaking prices so I’m very happy with our decision to scratch the museum. After the mall we got back on the 70 and headed to Vail (mainly because that’s the direction we were going anyways).
  • Vail was BEAUTIFUL! It reminded me of Whistler, Canada somewhat. Tons of cute storefronts, coffee shops, and restaurants all butted up against the mountain, when on a snowy day, would be heaven. Okay, it still was. It was nice and cool, a little over cast that day, and you could take a nice gondola ride up to the top. But time seemed to be our enemy so we opted to skip out on that even though we reaaalllly wanted to go to the top. There were other activities to do as well similar to Rushmore but again, we didn’t get to do any of that because of time. We ended up leaving Vail at 7:30 p.m. That put us at our arrival time at 2 a.m. because there was a lot of hills and wind and we so did not plan that. So yeah, it took us way longer to get to our destination as we originally thought.
  • Basically, even though we did nothing as planned, today ended up perfect!

Saturday – August 5th – Leave Richfield | Arrive Vegas | 5 hr

  • Pack it and move it. We’re going home!



July 14 – FRIDAY – 7 hr. Eat In Fast Food
July 15 – SATURDAY – This Is The Place, 3.5hr Out Chicken Lasagna
July 16 – SUNDAY – church, Prison, Downtown, 3 hr. Leftovers Roast Hot Dogs
July 17 – MONDAY – Martin’s Cove, 5½ hr. Eat In Tacos
July 18 – TUESDAY – Mt. Rushmore, Tramway Adv. Pack lunch Eat Out
July 19 – WEDNESDAY – 6½ hr., Largest Buffalo Frozen BBQ Chicken Sandwiches
July 20 – THURSDAY – temple, Fargo, 3½ hr. Fargo Leftovers
July 21 – FRIDAY – Mall Of America, Nickelodeon Unv. Eat Out Eat Out
July 22 – SATURDAY – Al’s Breakfast, temple, 4hr. Al’s Breakfast

Eat In

Green Salsa Chicken & Rice
July 23 – SUNDAY – church, Wilderness Water Park Pack Lunch Leftovers
July 24 – MONDAY – 2.5 hr, Clock Shadow Creamery, 2hr., temple Out Tuscan Soup
July 25 – TUESDAY – Home Alone, Sky Deck, Bean, Navy Pier, Wrigley Field Eat Out Pizza / Italian
July 26 – WEDNESDAY – 4½ hr., Ford Pres. Library or Monroe, 3½ hr. Leftovers Paninis
July 27 – THURSDAY – Nautica Queen Cruise, Christmas Story, Be A Sweetie Candy Company Cruise Eat Out
July 28 – FRIDAY – 40 min., Kirtland, 3 hr. 15 min., Columbus temple, 3 hr., Yogi Jelly Stone Eat In Seasoned Chicken
July 29 – SATURDAY – Jellystone, Rose Bowl Eat In Eat Out
July 30 – SUNDAY – church, temple, 4½ hr. Eat In Tostadas
July 31 – MONDAY – Lincoln Home Site, Lincoln’s Tomb, Pres. Library, Frontier City, 3 hr. 15 min. Eat Out Leftovers
August 1 – TUESDAY – Nauvoo Pack Lunch Eat Out
August 2 – WEDNESDAY – 6 hr., Winter Quarters Eat In Spaghetti
August 3 – THURSDAY – 8½ hr. Leftovers Eat Out
August 4 – FRIDAY – Buffalo Bills Museum, Aquarium, 8½ hr. Eat Out Marinara Chicken & Rice
August 5 – SATURDAY – 5hr. Eat Out HOME!

Note: We ate inside the RV every morning. Oatmeal, english muffins, cereal…you get the point. Oh, I will share that my favorite breakfast were Egg Mcmuffins. Walmart sells frozen turkey patties and frozen egg patties. Just warm those up in the microwave while the muffin is toasting. Pair them together, add cheese, stick the top on, and then warm up again in microwave enough to melt the cheese. PERFECTION EVERY TIME!




One tank of gas lasted about 8-10 hours and cost us about $150-175 to fill up, depending on how low we got.

RV parks range from $35-$100/per night.

We rented cars in the big cities. Often times it was at an airport. Other times, if we couldn’t get a ride to the rental place, we’d Uber or Lyft there.

Tally up how much your adventures/excursions will cost in advance so you have a better idea of what the trip is going to cost, and how much reserve you’ll have for shopping. 🙂


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