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My Hogwarts Sorting Ceremony

February 27, 2017













Alright ma bookish peeps. So I totally had a sorting ceremony for myself with two of my newest and dearest friends, Rachel and Neo. We found each other through our beloved Instagram feen, realizing that we all lived in the same small *I mean large!* town, Las Vegas. We also found on Instagram a Harry Potter inspired hot spot called Bad Owl Coffee Shop, and decided to venture here for my sorting ceremony.

Truthfully, the reason I held off on sorting myself all this time was because I felt I didn’t need it. I have always felt I had a little bit of all the houses in me, but eventually that dulled and I longed to belong somewhere. Yes, I was a lost girl. Then I had another concern. What if I was sorted into a house that I felt I didn’t belong in? Thankfully Neo reminded me that Harry Potter had a choice to chose which house he wanted to be in and he ended up choosing Gryffindor. So off I went to Bad Owl Coffee Shop to host my own ceremony and hold my big reveal!

So after driving a long 30 minutes to get there and settling down with a steamy cup of Butterbeer, I opened up my laptop and went to Pottermore. Rachel decided to do it as well and ta da! Ravenclaw you have your newest member! And she finished much quicker than I did. I swear I had to reread some of the questions 3 times because I was so nervous and wanted to answer the best that I could. Well, I did and I most definitely got sorted into SLYTHERIN!

I panicked.

My heart raced.

And then I panicked some more.

You may watch my reaction here.

I was in complete shock, but excited–I swear. And once the initial surprise wore off, I settled down that night proud of where I was placed. And I dreamt that I was Snape’s long lost cousin and hoped that I would do him proud.

(Please, if any of you know the creators of these beautiful pictures please leave in comments below so that I may credit them, thanks.)




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