In reviewing my reads I follow these simple rules:

  1. Character Development – I believe there can never be too much character development. So I will be referring to lack there of. Now, if there are a lot of WORDS to describe a character but it doesn’t further develop the character, then I reckon that’s a negative thing too, because essentially the reader is forced to read a bunch of mumbo jumbo that really does nothing for us. I like seeing Characters being developed through voices.
  2. Plot – Is there a beginning, middle, and end? Are there ARCs and consequences and things to lose if they chose a certain path? Am I invested in their journey?
  3. World Building – Give me something fresh without talking to much. Do I fall in love with the background of which Characters live? Do I want to live there even though there are man-eating beasts in the forest?
  4. Fluency & Prose – Does the novel read efficiently or do I stumble on sentence structure? I don’t dock points if the novel is too simple, but more so look for the voice. I am obsessed with Laini Taylor’s prose, though, just saying–perfection.
  5. Adoration & Peeves – This is my overall feels for the book. And I think this will teeter me to one side or the other. If I felt certain characters were too annoying that’s going to affect my overall thoughts on the novel.

I also review my reads based on the 5-star rating cycle except I use bull horns (or whatever seasonal tidbit I’d like) because WHY NOT?! Stars are not boring, but other things are so much more fun!