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Seat 2A Playlist!

January 23, 2018

The wait is finally over you sexy beasts because I’ve got SEAT 2A’S PLAYLIST!!!

I thought that since the 1st year anniversary is only 2 months away for this second chance romance why not bring you for the first time ever the playlist that kept it going in the creation process.

I’ve thought many times that I’d share this with you guys but that perhaps none of you cared. That’s silly though, because if you’re anything like me then you stay up way too late in search for those new tunes.

The first 6 songs were my base–the first two being the most played out, especially WILDEST MOMENTS. I’ve probably listened to that song a thousand times and still don’t know all of the lyrics past the chorus because those kind of songs are used for background noise. Nevertheless, it’s like my ‘theme’ song and I still absolutely adore that song.

EVERYTHING IS EMBARRASSING I discovered when I was at Whistler four years ago! I was in a store and heard it and was instantly “I need this on my playlist!”. Shazamed that baby and the rest is history. I only wish Sky would make new songs because she is fire!

Keeping the momentum going in the middle of life happening is usually a difficult task to juggle. When I make a playlist I know that I can always rely on it for assurance that steam (or all hope) won’t be lost. And in this case, the more steam the better. #knowwhatimsayin? So far so good. The only crime has been that I’ve outplayed a song so much it makes me lazy and not wanting to write anymore. Strange, I know. But a serious crime. When this happens, I usually go on the hunt for new songs.

If you had to pair a song or two to a scene in SEAT 2A which would you pair?

Happy listening!!


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  • Reply Cristina January 23, 2018 at 12:08 pm

    BE MY FOREVER but Christina Perry either Ed! YESSS! I love that song so much, it’s so freaking sweet!♥️😘

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