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The Whispers Of The Fallen Review

August 25, 2016

A masterminded journey between starry whispers, smoky enemies and hopeless redemption—The Whispers Of The Fallen will leave your heart racing.


The Whispers Of The Fallen is a brilliant hybrid between the fantasy and paranormal genres. And I loved every minute of it. It felt my heart was always on the run because literally, the main character Isaac, was always on the run.


The book starts off in what seemed a beautiful quaint little town. There were trees and rivers and just pretty much the perfect little village that you’d want to live in. You meet two friends, Isaac and Demetre, whose parents vanished and they don’t know where they went. And then poof! They’re being hunted by Fallen Stars.


Fallen Stars are Stars that were cast out of the Creators presence because they had darkness in their hearts and sided with Lucifer. They chose evil. They are evil.


Isaac is a book-bearer. Book-bearers guard one of four prized books that were once written by Lucifer after he was cast out. The books are keys into restoring Lucifer’s soul with his body. Isaac didn’t know he was a book-bearer until a Nephile, a creature made when a human slept with a Fallen Star, told him. Nephile’s are damned, and will never be allowed redemption. But Devin, a hopeful Nephile, helps Isaac escape hoping that the Creator will grant him redemption.


So there’s my spoiler-free brief without giving too much away. Now here’s what I loved about the book which will NOT be spoiler-free so STOP reading if you don’t want to know.


Mr. J.D.’s characters were intense. You have the two friends who care a lot about each other and bicker like life-long friends, but you also have characters from a fantasy world who are pure evil. And by evil I mean, EVIL. They like to induce pain on anyone who even looks at them wrong so yikes! But the character spectrum is wide and that’s what I loved about this novel. It helped further J.D.’s image of good vs. evil.

Okay I’m going to stop right now and think about the plot because dang my mind was blown. I found myself laughing out loud sometimes thinking to myself, “How in the world did J.D. think of this?”. I mean, the guy’s mind doesn’t stop. Isaac travels from town to town throughout the book as he is on the run and every image I can think of so clearly. I was cold when it started snowing. I was afraid when they went down in the prison. I could feel the damp rock and smell the rotting bodies inside that prison. Well I guess this is part of the world-building, but the plot in this book goes hand in hand because I don’t recall being in the same place for a long period of time. I actually think that was my only downfall of this book. I wish we could stay in a place for longer than a chapter and invest more there. We were given such a good glimpse of a place and then boom, we were leaving it. But I’m not arguing. It led us to the end…the vampires.

I don’t even remember if that’s what they were called. But they are most definitely vampires…blood-suckers. You meet Bartholomew and Nylora who were awakened from a long slumber and are asked to go into battle with the lessers–these mindless creatures. I loved loved freaking LOVED that they stood up against Nephele and Erebos. I would love to see more of them in the next books. Hands down, my favorite scene!

Moving on to fluency and prose. It’s simple. The book reads well. I would consider it clean and crisp. It reminded me of Veronica Roth’s writing for some reason.

Okay. Now a peeve, and my ONLY peeve. Nephele. The woman bugged me so bad. I hated the scenes she was in because she legit made me mad. But, that’s good writing. And J.D. clarifies in the end and I ended up loving reading about her. In fact, there was a bold move made. The voice changes about half way or 2/3 into the book from Isaac’s voice to Nephele and OMG I think I liked her voice better. And she was the one who created the Nephilin! And meeting her son at the end? My bet is that she cares more for him than she lets on.


I ended up loving this book and loving the evil darkness in it. Did anyone else get a Voldemort vibe to it? Because I certainly did and I went gah gah for it. I am stoked for this to be re-released with OfTomes this Halloween! I’m definitely going to buy all three books again just to have the new covers! Oh, and there will be new writing in their as well so bonus!


I am giving The Whispers Of The Fallen 5 out of 5 bull horns.

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Favorite Quotes:

“It is only by choice that our true nature is revealed.” – Devin

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