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January 18, 2018

It’s no secret that Whistler inspired my first Contemporary Romance, SEAT 2A. Everything about the location is magical. The snow-capped granite mountains and romantic village stroll strung with Christmas lights are just to name a few.

Whistler is a short hour and a half drive (depending on good weather) from the Vancouver, Canada International Airport. When you leave Vancouver the entire drive is along the Pacific Northwest Coast and let me tell you, BREATHTAKING!

I visited Whistler 4 years ago for my ten year anniversary and was able to do a little bit of research for Seat 2A at the time. Now, 4 years later, I was able to visit Whistler again and do a little more exploring and it was even better than I imagined.

The food is off the charts amazing. We are obsessed with Sushi Village, seriously so good. We also frequented Earl’s *can I get a hallelujah for their spinach dip, had some margaritas and grub at the Mexican Corner, visited Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory multiple occasions and so much more. The restaurant joined with our hotel served samples every night. One night we happened to be passing through (after returning from a taxi because we ended up on the wrong mountain and the lifts were closed and we needed to get home!) the lobby and they had cheese fondue and wine. I mean, does it get any dreamier than that?!

We love staying at the Crystal Lodge. It’s prime location as far as food and snowboarding goes. Just a quick walk to the slopes. Yeah, sick! Did I forget to mention the Irish Pub Restaurant right there at the base? Totally scrumptious. Everything, oh gosh I’m salivating. Go there.

A major highlight this round was going to the Scandinave Spa. It’s a silent outdoor spa where you do the hot | cold | relax | repeat thing. Not sure what that’s called but lemme tell you it’s effing amazing. You feel STELLAR afterwards, like, not human anymore. Like a whole new person living an outer body experience. They also offer massages at an additional price, and have a café inside with again, good food.

The first time we arrived it was dark, a light snowfall was dancing through the sky, and the curvy sidewalks against our bare feet was warm. We showed up at 6 with massages at 8 and wished we had more time. You are allowed to use the amenities all day but for some reason we didn’t think we would need longer than that. WRONG! So, we catered to our lazy, spoiled butts and went again. It was still light out this time but the snowfall was very heavy. The warmed sidewalks couldn’t keep warm. Melting the snow, yes, but freezing this time. No massage this second go around. Just hours and hours of hot, cold, hot cold. 15 minutes steaming hot like you’re going to die to 15 seconds of ice cold, also like you’re going to DIE! They have two Nordic waterfalls that you would stand under (if you were brave enough or could even make it far enough through the treacherous cold) and let that icy flow kill you! haha You step out of that and already feel like a million bucks. Then, relax by a warm fireplace. Money, people, MONEY! Like, I’m pretty sure this is a thing to cure people’s diseases. Wim Hoff. Another story.

On our way to the airport to go home we made a stop at Victory Barber Shop in Vancouver. Mr. B is a huge fan of Matty Conrad and his barbering endeavors *cue fanboy music. Matty happened to be in there and so we were able to chat with him and have Mr. B snap a photo with him. All is well.

Anyways, enjoy my abundant amount of photos! Video coming sometime soonish…

Xx, Dela

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