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Wim Hof Ice Challenge

January 31, 2018

Hi guys! I shared on my Insta stories that I would talk a little about what I’ve been up to the last week. It’s a little out of the norm, but I think we’re on to something here so I deemed it important enough for its own blog post!

So what I’ve been up to is called the Ice Challenge by Wim Hof. When Mr. B and I went to Whistler and did the Nordic baths at the Scandinave Spa we were not only shocked by the freezing water, but shocked by how amazing the freezing water made us feel! I’m not talking sluggish amazing that the heat can do after 15 minutes in the sauna, I’m talking ALERT AND CLEAN amazing. AWAKE! It’s indescribable but REAL.

Neither one of us had done a thing like this spa, you know, where you willingly submit yourself to the depths of icy water. But we were convinced the hydrotherapy was a real thing, a real GOOD thing, for our bodies. Mr. B remembered that his brother had told him about the ICEMAN and how he climbed Mt. Everest in only a pair of shorts and holds the record for staying submerged in ice for almost two hours without his core body temperature dropping. Naturally we had to look up who this ICEMAN was. We did, and haven’t looked back since.

The Vice video quickly explains a little about Wim Hof and the method he created but if you don’t have the time know this:


  1. Controlled breathing methods
  2. Embracing the cold
  3. Meditation

The point of dialing in your breathing treatments is to be able to start the cold process. When you are “one with the cold” your body can process the signals and begin thermogenisis.

So far I am on Week 2, Day 3 and I am noticing a surge of energy, softer skin, and a clearer mind. Obviously I haven’t done this enough to be able to “tap” into my immune system but that’s my goal. I’d like to be able to consciously manipulate my immune system to attack harmful things in my body. Hof claims that with his method you can decrease or completely eliminate horrible illnesses like depression, anxiety, diabetes, and many others. Because when we use this method we are alkalizing our bodies.

The other day Mr. B heated up our spa and we did our own little Scandinave Spa treatment. I sat in the spa for 10-15 minutes, and then would submerge my entire body in the 43 degree (Fahrenheit) water. Yep, felt good. Call me crazy but I’m obsessed.

Hof says, “Cold exposure works like weight lifting, you get stronger over time. There are little muscles around your veins that contract when they get into contact with the cold. After some time (only 1-2 weeks according to Wim) these become stronger, making your veins healthier and reducing the force that your heart has to use to pump blood around your body.”

Who’s in for health?! Me!!

I have linked some helpful pages below for more information if you’re interested. Please note, the breathing treatment MUST be done in a safe environment. No driving or laying in a pool while doing it. Some people, and I think this is common when they’re learning, PASS OUT during this! Because this process rids all the bad stuff inside you and can leave you tingling, light headed, or just full blown pass out. So please take caution when doing this.

What is the Wim Hof Method?

I’m interested, but maybe need more information.

I’m in, where’s the Ice Challenge PDF?

Watch the full Vice episode.


The Way of the Iceman

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Becoming the Iceman

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